April 24, 2010

Bukit Tinggi Revisited

Insects today are 80% less compared to last time I visit this place, and I don't know why.

Anyway, the main protagonist today - weevil:

(Ericydeus lautus)

Which colour do you prefer?

(Dicromantispa sayi or Leptomantsispa pulchella? Oh my...)

And yes, my new DIY Macro Rig test result is......FAILED.
I'm not satisfied with the lighting. Will consider to change the material of diffuser later on.

April 21, 2010

New Gears in the House XIV

This was an unexpected purchase. I bought it off from someone that I knew. The reason I grab it is because it is cheaper than market price and the item is basically brand new.

This dry cabinet will be useful when I eventually expend my arsenal of gears.

Price: RM 740.00
Discount: RM140.00
Net: RM 600.00

Total spending to date: RM 6,821.55

April 03, 2010

DIY Macro Rig II

This is my new DIY Macro Rig since Sept 2009.

After working with my previous rig in the field for few months, I have (or wanted to) made some improvements based on few factor:

1) Power Drainage
2) Quality of Light
3) Weight & Size

After few considerations, I come out with this:

Although I have not really tested it in the field, but I can already feel the improvements on #1 & #3. It costs more than 3 stop less power to achieve the same output compared to my previous one. And it's obviously smaller and lighter than my previous one.

I will post more field test updates soon. Stay tuned.
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