December 12, 2008

First try on Black & White

Bought the December issue of Digital Camera Magazine Malaysia last Sunday, inspired by the Black & White topics in the mag. Although I do not understand the PhotoShop tutorials inside, but I learn few concepts about Black & White photography. Enjoy.

All the photo are shot using my old point-and-shoot digital camera: Casio Exilim EX-Z110.
Full descriptions can be found here.

My First Try on HDR

HDR is an abbreviation of High Dynamic Range
This is my first attempt though

The 2 images were shot using Olympus FE-340, a compact point-and-shoot digital camera
using 5 different exposures (EV: -2 | -1 | 0 | +1 | +2)

More to come!


Hi there, let me talk a bit about myself.

I'm 22 years old currently and I fell in love with photography not long ago (hmm...perhaps August 2008?). Well it doesn't matter.

I'm planning to get my first ever DSLR - Canon EOS 1000D
Which is quite a function & features packed entry-level camera.

So, do expect more and more images to come!
Stay tuned~
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