March 27, 2010

First Macro Outing with liewwk

For those who don't know liewwk, pls click here.

Today was my lucky day as I learned a lot from him, from shooting to post-process (PP).

That place I went was lovely. Unlike other macro spots that requires "hunting" around, the place I went have plenty of bugs and they are waiting for you to shoot them. Impressive huh?

(Wonderful looking moth, focus stacked from 2 photo)

(This frog is very tiny, shot at 2:1)

(Weird looking moth)

(Huge cicada, size of my palm)

(1st try on natural light macro)

(2:1 magnification using MP-E 65mm)

March 12, 2010

First Win

After 405 days with DSLR photography (officially), I finally won my first ever price through photography.

The shot was not planned. It just happened that I saw it, and shot it. The result was satisfactory so I decided to submit it to the local Digital Camera Magazine (DCM).

After several months, as usual, I bought an issue of DCM, flip through it and saw my shot in it. The moment is memorable and what I felt is just indescribable in words.

(The shot that published in DCM)

(Original photo)

This shot won me a Tamrac Adventure 6 (5546) Backpack.

UPDATE: I have redeemed my bag on 19/03/10. The bag is too small, impractical to use I would say.

(Built quality is so-so, I'll give 6/10 as the material used is very normal)

(Front view)

(Rear view)

(Side view)

(Main compartment. I can hardly fit anything in. Note: 18-55mm on the left, Tamron SP90mm on the right)

(Front compartment. Note: Sony Ericsson k810i on the right)

(Top compartment. The width of the top compartment is around the length of 580EX II)

(For size comparison purpose)

I wonder how much could I sell this impractical bag for?

UPDATE: Sold the bag on 18/04/10 for RM200.

Price: RM 280.00
Discount: RM80.00
Net: RM 200.00

Total spending to date: RM 6,421.55 - RM200.00 = RM 6,221.55
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March 07, 2010

Model N

Promised her not to reveal her identity and I can only show those less erotic, enjoy!

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