May 01, 2011

Star Chasing at Bidor

This is my first time doing Astrophotography with my photography friends.

Well this is certainly a new thing for me although I had tried shooting Star Trails in Bali before. We traveled from KL to Bidor during midnight and we did not sleep after that. The sky was stunningly beautiful (although occasionally some clouds blocks the stars).

(The Milky Way)

My 8mm lens failed to capture the Milky Way due to its small maximum aperture of only f/4.5
A large aperture lens (minimum of f/2.8) is essential for capturing Milky Way. Luckily Liew lend me his 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens to me.

(My 8mm f/4.5 lens is struggling to capture the Milky Way)

Basic rule for shooting stars or star trails:

- High ISO (800-1600)
- Moderate shutter speed (20-40 second)
- Largest Aperture possible
- Prefer Wide Angle Lens

We waited til sunrise and tried to capture some shots as well

Both shots are 7-exposures blended HDR.
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