February 28, 2010

New Gears in the House XIII

Finally received my Cokin Filter Set from Shashinki. I has been a long wait since the filters are out of stock.

Below are a list of items that I ordered.

1 x Cokin H250A ND Graduated Filter Set, consists of:
1 x Cokin P Series Holder
1 x Cokin 121L GND2
1 x Cokin 121M GND4
1 x Cokin 121S GND8

1 x Cokin P152 ND2
1 x Cokin P153 ND4
1 x Cokin P154 ND8
1 x TianYa 58mm Adapter Ring
1 x TianYa Filter Case

FYI: TianYa is a cheap imitation of Cokin P Series Accessories from China. I only choose to use TianYa Adaptor Ring and Filter Case as it has nothing to do with image quality. Filter wise, I still use genuine Cokin System.

(Cokin H250A GND Set)

(With 58mm Filter Ring)

(With Cokin P Holder)

(With GND Filter)

(Can hold up to 3 filters and 1 circular polarizer)

(Additional ND2, ND4 & ND8 Filters)

Will post some sample if I have chance to try it out.

Price: RM 446.00
Discount: -
Net: RM 446.00

Total spending to date: RM 6,421.55

February 06, 2010

Garden Macro

I always complain about my backyard, though its not too small, but I can hardly find any interesting bugs.

Due to laziness to go out of my house, I've decided to find some bugs to shoot in my garden.

Here are some:

(two very tiny beetles mating - gotcha!)

(Not 1:1, the butterfly is too sensitive and active during that hour)

(Note the hidden beetle!)

(Yellow-winged Darter - Sympetrum flaveolum)

What a lucky day filled with different bugs & insects (normally you can find so much bugs in my garden).

PS: Inconsistency of border & signature is due to my laptop spoiled halfway when I'm processing these pics. I have lost my signature's template =(
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