June 27, 2010

Pantai Remis

I planned a dinner with my friends at a restaurant nearby Tanjung Karang, we stopped by at Pantai Remis (nearby Kapar) to have some pics of sunset. However, it was very cloudy and we can hardly see the sun.

June 21, 2010

Bukit Tinggi 03

(Assassin Bug - Natural Light)

(Flower Mantis? - Only managed to get this shot and it fled)

(A Sleeping Bee)

(Wasp stand like a Mantis)

(Ant-mimic Spider)

(Very tiny Tree Frog)

Not much bugs today, guess its not the season.

June 18, 2010

Ulu Yam 01

Its Ulu Yam this time with Phillip Wee. That place is famous for its "Lor Mee" (some sort of noodle, not my liking) and recreational waterfalls.

(Orb Spider?)

(Jumping Spider)

(Ant-mimic Spider, Myrmarachne sp.)

(Wasp-mimic Fly)

(Robber Fly - Natural Light)

June 12, 2010

Ulu Bendul 01

Went Ulu Bendul with Master Liew (liewwk) and Philip Wee. Got to know few friends like Shunfa.

(Natural Light, I like this picture)

(Female Ichneumon Wasp laying egg)

(A very tiny spider - heavily cropped)

It started to rain around 2pm. Lucky my new bag is equipped with AW Cover (rain coat). Love it.

June 06, 2010

Water Drop Photography

I wanted to try this since I got my macro lens long time ago. However, due to my laziness, I never tried one until today.

The set up was simple, but for first-timers, it's a little tricky. It may not be as easy as it seen.

The theory is the same with Smoke Photography, you'll need a tripod, an off-camera flash & preferably a macro lens. I used the same technique to focus on the water drop, pretty much similar to what I did in Smoke Photography. You will need to hold a pen/stick or whatsoever on the spot where the water droplets touches the surface, then use your camera's manual focus to focus on the pen/stick, and you're done with the focusing part.

I use an aperture of f/16 + 1/200, flash power set to around 1/4. I used some white paper to bounce my flash towards the water droplets and do not point the flash directly on the water.

After almost 30 minutes of set up, I'm done with it and start my shooting session.

Because the container I used is red in colour, thus the water droplets appear red. I'll just stick with it.

What about this 3-Colour Collage? I bet it'll look nice on big canvas prints!

(This is my set up, sorry for the pic quality)
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