January 17, 2009

Originality? Photoshoped?

The dispute between these two exists since the digital age of photography (or even perhaps, during darkroom technique era).

One said that good photography requires no tweaks and adjustments.

While the opposition said, photographs need minor tweaks and adjustments even the originals are at its best.

So, which should I fall for? 100% originality? Or digital tweaks?

My answer is no certain. You might have the best composition, the best angle for a photo you took when you're on a vacation, but you shot in a wrong white balance? What are you going to do with the picture? Discard it?

Obviously not! You might already missed the chance to get another shot for that same photo. The solution is, tweak it.

Tweak here does not mean revamping the whole photo extensively. Just a minor boost of saturation or correcting the lighting "curves" can actually bring your photograph to another level.

What about using Photoshop to change your photo entirely? Well, I personally do not against it if you are making it into your very own style or bringing out the "technological" or "futuristic" feel. I mean, why not?

This is what I did this afternoon since I'm too free:

Original Shot:

The original shot was overexposed by 1-stop, the color is dull. But I like the composition. This is like what I said, I will not be able to get the same shot again. The timing is just nice, the policeman (and women) is giving tickets for those who parked their car illegally in the UK (Summer 2008).

I can tweak to improvise the photo, in this case, I'll bring it to another level, not just tweaking the exposure and saturation, I make it black and white (which is one of my favorite field of photography at the moment).

The red car immediately attracts our eyes. This is the reason I keep the car red instead of mono-coloured.

Which one do you like?

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