July 17, 2010

New Gears in the House XIX

I have been using my 1000D since 532 days ago. I have gained a lot of knowledge through that camera, and it is time for me to move on.

I finally decided to purchase my EOS 7D today after much considerations of my current shooting style and needs. Another option was EOS 5D Mark II. However, due to several reasons, I picked EOS 7D instead.

The body costs me RM5,150 and the 8GB SanDisk Extreme CF Card costs me RM200. I wanted to buy the Phottix Cable Shutter Release but it was out of stock.

Price: RM 5,150.00 + RM200.00
Discount: -
Net: RM 5,350.00

Total spending to date: RM 14,114 .55

For my own record:
Last shutter count as at 17/07/10 = 14,972
Days of using 1000D: 532 days

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