October 02, 2010

Ulu Bendul 02

I revisited this place for the 2nd time.

(my first Fungus Weevil - only managed to get 1 shot)

(Can't exactly tell what is this, might be a stick insect, very well camouflaged, I almost missed it)

(Another well camouflaged spider - Herennia ornatissima)

(Tree Frog - Natural Light)

(Tree Frog - Natural Light)

(Tree Frog close-up)

(This spider is freaky, the leg span is around the size of my palm)

(Natural Light Dead Leaf Mantis - might be Deroplatys lobata juvenile)

(Crab Spider - Thomisus sp.)

(Weird Mantis with appearance of Crickets & Cockroaches - Metallyticus splendidus)

(Very tiny stick insect, 1:1)

(very special & beautiful caterpillar)

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