December 11, 2010

TEST: Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC

After acquiring my UWA lens for a week, I still haven't got a chance to really test it in the field. Its a shame to buy a lens and keep it inside my dry cabinet and not using it, so I decided to take some sample shots of the lens

1) Lens Flare Test

The lens shows some weird flares when a light source is positioned somewhat beside the lens, approximately 11 o'clock direction, out of the frame.

(53 seconds, f/16, ISO 100)

I will be pissing off if each image of mine contains flare. Luckily, this is not the case. My second image shows no flare (see below). Anyway, this lens produces beautiful star effect from the streetlight when aperture is narrowed down.

(54 seconds, f/4.5, ISO 100)

2) Sharpness

The sharpness of this lens is awesome. The below image was shot wide open (again, you can see the flare):

(50 seconds, f/4.5, ISO 100)

and its 100% crop near the edge:

No sharpening or noise reduction as it will affect the sharpness. Pretty neat eh?

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