January 01, 2010

Studio Macro

This is the first time I bring an insect to my "mini studio".

My mom found this bug outside of the house and she knew I'm into macro, so she hand it to me.

This beetle is exactly the same species that I shot few days back. Learning from the past experience, I have to shoot this insect in an confined room to prevent it from flying away (I only managed to take 2 shots last time and it flew).

I'm using f/18 + 1/200s all the way this time. The lighting was satisfied as long as the bug's body is not reflective.

I'm not sure the exact ID of this beetle, but it seems like very similar to Figeater beetle (Cotinis mutabilis)

Don't worry, the beetle was not harmed during the shooting and I released it to the nature as soon as I finish shooting.

1 comment:

  1. It might look like a figeater, but from personal expirence I can tell you it's not. The antenna shape is all wrong and the head is too small,it is bronze bellied where as a figeater has metallic green belly , furthermore figeaters have largish hooks on the sides of their legs(not just one hook as seen here) for climbing.

    The antenna shape look like a flower Chaffee buts clearly not one either but perhaps a related species. This species has a bronze thin band around its body whereas a figeater has a thick orangish band only near back of its body.

    Sorry I can't be of more help! ;( all I know is it's not the species you think it is!


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