December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

I was so excited to shoot some fireworks today. However, luck is not on my side. This was the first time I shoot fireworks and we picked a wrong spot. The firework is so pathetic that we cant even see clearly.

(Look at the tiny little firework blocked by some building)

(This was my initial composition, I was expecting the firework to come between the KLCC & KL Tower)

It was a mess after I saw the first firework came out from the wrong place. I quickly re-composed my picture without having anytime to re-adjust my focus and shoot right away. The result is? Bad composition, bad focusing and I forgot to shoot in RAW.

Luckily we arrived that place earlier, so we decided to shoot some night scene of KLCC. Well, this is much more better than my firework pictures.

(Shot this hand held)

(Same, hand held)

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