February 23, 2009

New Gears in the House

Bought some new gears on last Saturday (21/02/2009)

Phottix Battery Grip for 450D/1000D with LP-E5 Magazine Slot & 6AA Batteries Magazine Slot
Free Octopus LP-E5 1080mAh Battery

RM 300

(Pic shown is the Battery Magazine for LP-E5 Batteries)

3-Stage Collapsible Hood for 52mm lens - RM25

(Stage 3, maximum)

(Stage 2, minimum)

(Stage 1, storage formation)

Cleaning kit (3-in-1) - RM 35

(Blower + Microfiber cloth + Lens Pan)

Total RM 360, discount RM10
Net RM350.

Total Spending up to date - RM 2,460


  1. wah like that oso show off? RM350 only lolz

    I havent buy tripod and flash


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