March 28, 2009

New Gears in the House II

As mentioned earlier, I went to DCIM, ended up buying a tripod...

Well it's just an el cheapo-made-in-China-tripod.

But what it impressed me is the maximum height and decent built quality

When it extends to its maximum, the tripod is only 5-8cm shorter than me, I'm about 173cm btw. If i put the camera on it, the total height surfaces above my head.

(The tripod at it's maximum height)

(ball head with quick release plate)

(center column with bag hook - to increase sturdiness of the tripod)

(Lowest level possible)

Basically this is a decent tripod with adequate built quality, the design is actually an imitation to Manfrotto (I think) tripods. The only weakness I see so far is the weight, for RM220, you cant get all good things, when u go for cheap, you will certainly give up something.

I feel that weight is not a big issue here as I do not foresee carrying a tripod and go jungle trekking or climbing. Just put this tripod in the car and you're good to go.

Price: RM230
Discount RM10
Net: RM 220

Total spending to date RM 2,860

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