August 14, 2009

New Gears in the House VI

Finally, my first ever external flashgun - Canon Speedlite 580EX II.

This is another second hand unit bought from someone I know through the forums.

We arranged to meet up and my first impression of this flash is...a little bigger than I thought. Being Canon's Flagship flashgun, the built quality and finishing is near to perfect.

After attaching it on my 1000D, it is still not oversize as prescribed by others, perhaps due to my battery grip that makes my camera look bigger and more balanced. I can't imagine this flash being mounted on a Canon G10.

The warranty of this flash is expired but it's in good working condition. I would rate it 9.5/10. I still do not have any suitable Rechargeable AA Batteries for this flashgun yet, perhaps I will survey around before I buy them.

Thanks Robin for offering me a great flash. I bought a Lambency Dome Flash Diffuser from him as well =)

Price: RM1,250 + RM30
Discount: -
Net: RM 1,280

Total spending to date: RM 4,547.75


  1. i'll post a photo of 580II on G10 for you.. hee hee.. just caught 1 that day... visit photonian tomorrow.. AA batteries go for IMEDION.. using it .. very nice.. and don't have to charge before going on trip .. search it in shashinki for detail..

  2. thanks for the recommendation...

    Im curious how would a G10 + 580EX II look like

    G10 and 580II...


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