May 17, 2009

Broga Hill

Yesterday's fatigue still lies beneath my body without my notice. I only found out that my body is actually tired when I started to climb the Broga Hill (halfway). I am actually having a hard time climbing up. Some spots are so narrow that only 1 person may pass and the other side of the path is a cliff.

Perhaps the most famous landmark in Broga currently is the Broga Hill. Broga Hill is also called Bukit Lalang or 茅草山 which means literally means "Cogongrass Mountain".

The mountain is full of wild grasses called Cogongrass (Imperata Cylindrica). I started my journey at 6am. My friend suggested me to keep my camera in the bag when climbing to avoid any damages to it. So, no pics were taken when climbing up.

I wanted to try something new - the "Clear" picture style downloaded from Canon's official website. This picture style cranks up the contrasts and boosts the saturation. It is a little bit too over-process for me. Because of this, pics you see below will be in various colours, exposures and contrasts due to switching between picture styles.

(One of the first few pics taken on the hill)

(Stunning light trails piercing through the clouds)

Great expectations comes with great disappointment. This hill is so famous now, it's become so packed. Look at the following pics, are they having a carnival here?

This really spoils my mood a bit. I have heard that this place is totally unknown to public 2 years ago and now its so famous thanks to the power of internet.

(I don't know who they are, but I like this viewpoint)

(everyone stops by and take pic of the nicely arranged tripods)

(I wonder how my friend got up here with his sandals)

Climbing down is harder but less fatigue compared to climbing up. When I reach the bottom, I felt that my body is falling apart. After a simple lunch, I quickly drive home and rest. Broga Hill certainly worth a visit although it is now very crowded during weekends, so my suggestion is go on weekdays.

(I believe this is the place we climb)

More pics can be found in my Flickr. Thanks for viewing.

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