May 10, 2009


I was so boring yesterday, then I asked Chong whether he have any plans for shooting. He said he will be going KL Pac later on, around 5pm. I joined them (Chong & Jay) since I have nothing better to do.

This trip is actually a scouting trip. We are going new places to search for potential spots for out future portraiture photoshooting session.

(This is a blend of 100 years old+ building with modern building)

(Japanese Restaurant)

(This is actually a Koi Farm, but I couldn't show you any Koi photo due to hardness of photographing them in the water)

(Abandoned building with odd & eerie feelings, its not a place you want to stay long after dusk)

This place has some interesting architectures & landscapes. It is very suitable for an outdoor photoshooting session, I'm looking forward to bring a model here.

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  1. ohno..
    Japanese Restaurant look really great~
    and like last pic~


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