May 29, 2009

Photography Changed My Life

Photography changed my life. 118 days ago (the day I bought my first DSLR), I couldn't imagine I will be so keen to climb those beautiful hills and mountains out there.

After that Broga Hill trip, I fell in love with hill/mountain climbing + photography already. Although not those extreme ones (ie: Mount Everest etc), but I will be very excited when I imagine myself standing on the peak and taking photographs!

My next planned destination is Lembing Hill (林明山), this is a famous place for photo enthusiasts. After this is the sill-in-planning-phase trip to Mount Kinabalu!!

Getting from a couch-potato to an amatuer mount climber does not happen in one day. I have to train up myself, so, tomorrow will be my first day training for the Mount Kinabalu trip!!

Cheers =)

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