May 30, 2009

New Gears in the House IV

After few weeks of surveying and searching, I finally found a bag that suits my needs - the Lowepro Flipside 300.

The main features of this bag includes:

- Rear Access Compartment: Technically impossible to unzip the compartment and steal the camera without my consent.
- Flipside design: Simply flip the bag to the front and take the camera out without having the bag being placed on the floor. Quick access.
- Water Resistant Fabric: Can withstand minor rain pour, not completely waterproof though.
- Spacious Compartments: Although the bag looks slim, it can fit in a vast amount of gears.

Having decided to have a look on the real thing, instead of pics over the internet, I decided to pay a visit to one of the camera store.

My first impression of the bag when the shopkeeper passed me the bag was: "Wow its so slim and so light"

After trying the bag on the spot and bargaining on the price, I decided to bring this baby home.

(Front View - No compartments of whatsoever, looks kinda weird to people who do not know this is a camera bag)

(The side with small compartment)

(Another side with a bottle pouch, a 100 Plus 500ml bottle was fitted in to show the size of the bag)

(Rear View - This is the place you take your camera out)

(Unzipped, showing the camera compartments, there is an accessory compartment on the top part which is completely removable to gain more space)

(Side small compartment for accessories like pens, memory cards & keys)

(Fully loaded with all my gears, sorry for the low quality pic)

As you can see, this bag can easily house a camera body with grip, 4 lenses (kit lens attached, 55-250mm lens with hood reversed, 50mm lens with hood retracted, and another 70-200mm [i believe not the f/2.8 IS version]), an external flash unit (which I dont have yet), and other small accessories. There are still spaces beside (left in the image) my 50mm lens, it is just not shown in the pic.

After I put all my gears in, there are still plenty of empty space in it. This bag can hold a tripod on its outside via a concealed pouch. I will upload pics later as i lent my tripod to my friend, so I cannot demo it.


1) Fit plenty amount of gears in it.
2) Rear access for extra security
3) Light & Compact bag (weights 1.3kg)
4) Tripod Holder


1) Not enough padding on the waist belt.
2) No All Weather Cover
3) Small accessories compartment on the outside
4) Quite pricey (Perhaps its just me)

My Rating so far: 7.5/10

Price: RM400
Discount: RM 20
Net: RM380

Total spending to date: RM 3,940

OMG, the 4k margin is here~

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