October 24, 2009

New Gears in the House X

I finally got what I needed - A wireless flash trigger.

This item is so hot that each time I visit the shop, it is sold out. Well this time I confirmed the stock availability with the boss before I even go there.

The package I bought is 1 transmitter + 2 receivers. And it is bundled with some sort of cord that I do not know what is it for. The receivers runs on 2x AAA Batteries (per receiver) while the transmitter runs on A23 Battery.

(This battery holder can hold AAA Batteries, CF Card & SD Card too)

The boss is a nice person, he even gave me a free battery holder for my AA Batteries (used for my flashgun).

Price: RM 160
Discount: RM -
Net: RM 160

Total spending to date: RM 5,902.75


  1. hey bro, i'm derrick.

    i wanna buy the wireless trigger too.. but always sold out... where did you buy?

  2. I got it from Digitals Mania (Pudu Plaza), I always call before I go. I just found out that Shashinki is selling alot cheaper, duno can trust or not


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