December 20, 2009

Damselfly & Others

It has been ages since my last macro hunting. I have decided to return to my old place to hunt some dragonflies. However, I found no dragonfly today but damselfly.

This beautiful little Common Bluetail Damselfly (Ischnura senegalensis) was the only damselfly I found today.

(100% Crop - Look at the ommatidium in the middle!)

Is it cute isn't it? As a comparison to dragonflies, damselflies are much more co-operative and less sensitive. However I have no place to move my body to frame for different angle shots.

Here are some other bugs:

(I accidentally spot this well-camouflaged spider when I'm shooting the damselfly)

(I'm not sure what is this)

(Same goes here)

I seriously need a good flash set-up for my macro works. The pics here are poorly exposed.

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